Google starts Bluetooth audio streaming for home speakers

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Well, Google has worked to provide us with an enabled Bluetooth audio streaming for Google Home. This was stated to us by The Android Police. The latest addition was advertised to the public eye when the makers announced the smart assistant at the Google I/O back in the month of May. The feature was enabled by accident in June, but with the turn of events, it looks that everything is official at the moment.



So you must be wondering, what does this update mean? This change signifies that people who have Google Home will now be endowed with the freedom to stream local music, podcasts, and even the streaming services which may not be supported by Home to their speakers at will. But just like change, it comes with a cost whether you want or not. The quality of the audio is somewhat hampered. So, for all those people who are counting on it for getting a pristine quality, it seems like a bad news because there are users who are complaining about the significant lag over the connection, compromising the sound quality.


The company is unleashing the update gradually. It is being estimated that everyone will get it under the time period of next few days. If you want to activate the Bluetooth audio streaming, all you have to do is head to the settings of the Home app, then tap on the Paired Bluetooth devices which will then pair your device to the Home speaker. And that’s all you are required to do; it is as easy as 1,2,3.


Rich reviews will be out as soon as the update reaches on people and we are eagerly waiting to get a proper idea whether this idea worked or not. Some might call it a sure thing or some might dub it as a risk. Whatever be the case, only time will be the old judge. So let us wait and see


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