Google bringing many changes in the coming time

Today is the world of changes, and every tech company is incorporating daily changes so as to stay ahead in the competition.
Did you know that Google has recently released its Google Assistant for iOS in Europe? This facility is already provided in places like UK, Germany and France. The assistant was introduced to the users residing in the US before it was introduced in Europe. This was done by technology company at Google I/O this year. But it seems according to reports that the Google Assistant for iOS is limited when compared to the app’s Android version. The change incurred is because of Apple’s API restrictions.

Nonetheless, owners having Apple device will be able to add the Google Assistant widget on their home screens if they desire to. The company was also in news for experimenting with a brand new Search app. The testing of Search Lite is being done in Indonesia. Because of this, the process of searching content will become faster even though the networks are slow. Embedded with offline features, it is yet to administer whether the app will weigh less or more in terms of space. Since the app requires less RAM, it is likely that it will weigh less.


Let us explore the app more, this search app will allow the users to search through languages by just swiping the main app’s page sideways. One can even say that it will arrive in India because the app has Hindi as one of the languages. The makers have even added shortcut features like translation, news, cricket scores, weather, recipes, movies, songs, with many more exciting shortcuts. And if you feel like, you can customize it as well.

Google search lite is estimated to support voice and text-based search. The change is brought I the location of the search bar. Instead of being at the top, it is positioned at the bottom. Thus, making it easier to access.

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