Google Pixel 2 Release Date, Leaks, Rumors, Price, and Specs

Last year, Google launched its first smartphone called Google Pixel with new features and specs. After the launch of Google pixel, Now we are expecting Google Pixel 2.  After the massive success with the Google Pixel in 2016, the tech giant is all set to launch its next version of Google Pixel with Android 8.0.

The upcoming Pixel 2 is regarded as a Snapdragon 835-powered smartphone with a curved display. Once upon a time, buying a Google mobile with a “pure Android” encounter meant sacrificing power and performance. In 2016, nevertheless, that all changed. Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL were authentic main cell phones in and outside, with a sleek aluminum design and top-of-the-line specs.

We all expect Google to continue the trend with the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 X. Google’s next-generation Pixel 2 smartphone is codenamed “Taimen,” and now the apparatus was referenced online yet again. This time around, but the source of the reference is Primate Labs. If you understand the name, you understand precisely where we’re heading with this: Geekbench 4 standard test results for the Pixel 2 have been spied on the Primate Labs website.

Google Pixel 2 Release Date, Leaks, Rumors, Price, and Specs

Last year, Google announced its superior Android smartphone at a standalone hardware occasion in October, which makes the look of a second-generation Pixel on stage at Google I/O a little improbable. But with any luck, Google will reveal some details about the following handset. If the rumors around the Pixel 2 are to believed, it is shaping up to be something unique.

Recently Google has announced that they will soon launch its next Pixel phone with all new design and premium features.

A brand new report has asserted that the Google Pixel 2 will feature a dual-curved screen, such as the one seen on the Samsung Galaxy S8. The news comes from South Korea’s Electronic Times, which claims that Google is set to invest in LG Display Company, the specialized screen design arm of the South Korean technology giant.

Before you continue to read, it is worth noting that, there’s been no official statement by Google. Yes, many gossips are doing the rounds about the handset codenames Muskie, Walleye, and Taimen, but we know nothing for certain. As such, please take the following information using a bit of salt!

Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2

Lately, a device together with the name Taimen appeared on the database of the popular mobile benchmarking kit Geekbench. To some, this supplied the much-needed proof that there will be not two, but three Google Pixel 2 handsets. Now, you may well be thinking to yourself, “This is nothing new,” nonetheless, we beg to disagree. Becuase this time the information was spotted on the Primate Labs site, in the form of Geekbench 4 test results database.

Right now, there’s no uncertainty the Galaxy S8, and S8 Plus are the most effective Android handsets we’ve ever seen. Nonetheless, both of these devices are available now, while no information can be found about a Google Pixel 2 launching. When it comes to evaluation leak outcomes, it demonstrates, that yet again, the search giant, is working on at least one incredibly powerful apparatus.

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Last Year, Google rebranded its Android flagship phones from Nexus to Pixel and which worked pretty amazing for the organization. With sky rocking revenues of Google Pixel and Pixel XL company has recovered its confidence in Android Main and now they’re working on Google Pixel 2 line for Q4, 2017. The Coming Pixel2 and Pixel XL 2 are going to marvelous smartphones and can hold the title of “Finest Smartphone of 2017”. Here we’re going to speak in details of specification, cost and release date of Google Pixel 2.

Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2

Pixel 2 News: 9to5Google has reported that after Apple, it may be Google may remove 3.5 mm audio jack from approaching pixel lineup. Well, it Won’t be surprised for users as they are already conscious of this fact. As playing their favorite earphones is a better choice over going wireless. It’s still a gossip no need to stress; no official confirmation has been made. It’s going to get super AMOLED screen like Samsung’s infinity screen that will be more receptive inelegant at the same time. This year Apple is also launching its next iPhone lineup called iPhone 8.

What are the rumored specifications?

According to 9to5Google rumors, the upcoming Google Pixel 2 will be waterproof, and it will feature an improved camera. Also some leaks suggested that it will have a retina scanner also.

How Much?

Last year’s Pixels joined the market as Google’s only devices. As a result, these were both advanced devices. Both had bottom 32GB designs with prices starting at $649 and 769 respectively. We can expect low price as compared to Google Pixel first generation smartphones. Rumors are advised $699 for your base type so that as much as $800 for a Google Pixel 2-XL. When it comes to third, Pixel 2 XXL, perhaps $900+?

Release Date

Google has not event confirm anything about Google Pixel 2, but according to rumors, we will soon hear news Regarding Google Pixel and new Android 8.0 update.