Hackers spreading malware through links of leaked Game of Thrones episodes

The season of Game of Thrones has almost run its course. But I must say, there were many ups and downs. The turmoil was as nerve wracking as the episodes itself. There have been many leaks this season which has put a lot of stress on the team of Game of Thrones. There were many jokes and memes about this breach of security which does not stand good at all at this point.

But what is worse is that people are using fake links of leaked Game of Thrones episodes. These links are malicious in nature and spread malware. A report states that now it is coming into notice that a “targeted email campaign” which uses details of the leaked Game of Thrones episodes so that harmful malware are reached out to unsuspecting users. So stay away from any such tricks if you want your device safe and sound.

The company came across the email on August 27, 2017, with the subject line saying Wanna see the Game of Thrones in advance? The email contains some information about the upcoming episodes with a Microsoft Word Attachment. The world file has the malware hidden in it, so once you download it, this malware will try to install a “9002” remote access Trojan (RAT). Similar attacks have been made to the groups associated with the Chinese government in the past, and it could be a probability that the same actors could be behind it.

Until the end of the July came, hackers were able to steal 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO. It even included contact information for the show’s stars, unreleased scripts and episodes. Because of an unrelated accident, a pair of episodes were leaked, earlier this month. Fans were having a hard time believing that this was really happening.

The reports claim that the breaches in HBO and the attacks are not related at all. The human curiosity to know more and know now has led the users to click on this links thereby downloading malicious malware.

So, please don’t click or download any such links or documents which might incur you more trouble than recreation. Wait for the episodes to come out, it is more authentic then.

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