Hackers used an Instagram bug to get access to verified accounts

It seems that hackers are everywhere, only recently the website of WikiLeaks was hacked by a group of hackers called OurMine. This brings us to the topic of discussion for today’s dose of news. Our team came to know that an Instagram bug allowed hackers to gain access to the contact details and email addresses for high profile users. The company discovered the bug in the Instagram’s application programming interface or API. This is used by the services to communicate with other apps.

Instagram has declined to specify which users had been targeted, but it is being said that the hackers got hold of Selena Gomez’s account and posted ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s nude pictures. The company stood up and commented that “We recently discovered that one or more individuals obtained unlawful access to a number of high-profile Instagram users’ contact information — specifically email address and phone number — by exploiting a bug in an Instagram API, and No account passwords were exposed. We fixed the bug swiftly and are running a thorough investigation.”

The company has fixed the bug and has tested the app by performing a thorough investigation. They have even notified all the verified account holders of the bug and that there might be a possible leak of their contact information. The step was taken so that if at all, they receive unrecognized phone calls, emails or text messages, they are ready with a plan of action and method of protection.

Instagram chose not to disclose whose account they were able to manipulate through the bug, but the access to the phone number and email address can be used as a technique to potentially gain to a user’s Instagram account. This explains the haphazard activities that people got to see with Gomez’s account. Her account with 125 million followers was taken down on Monday after hackers got access to it and posted pictures of Justin Bieber. Fortunately, the account was restored later that day.

It sure was a turmoil to be involved it. The good thing is that it is under control and cautionary measures have been taken to ensure that no such events take place in the near future. We hope that this fiasco did not cost much havoc in her life either. Till then, keep your account safe!

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