Helena Price working with “Techies” to break stereotypes

It was in the news that James Damore who worked as an engineer in Google was fired recently because of publishing a memo on gender differences. The memo when published created an echoing effect to such an extent that other employees working at Google feared online harassment even to speak publicly on the topic. The memo was specifically based on the biological difference between a man and woman which instigates the tech industry’s gender gap. The ten-page post criticises Google’s initiative which is designed to bud gender and racial diversity.

It is no news that Silicon Valley has always battled a diversity issue. But through recent years it came to be known that, this particular problem is getting a slight extra attention. Women are holding only 18% of technical jobs at Google, there is only 1 percent black employees at Twitter, and 3 percent of the total workforce of Facebook includes Hispanic population. These statistics are not being stated by us, we are merely quoting them. The source of this intel is the reports released by some massively successful tech companies in the year of 2015.

But there is a change hitting the tech world soon enough. Helena Prince who is a photographer residing in the lush city of San Francisco is working on a new project called “Techies”. What she has done is that she has taken interviews and 100 portraits of people who are coders, CEOs, designers. The twist is that these people work and function in the tech world but hail from diverse backgrounds. The diversity includes immigrants, people sans formal education, people over the age of 50, LGBTQ community, people of colour, people of race, women, people with disability. All of them cater to the project “Techie”

This project aims to challenge and question all the existing taboos set against people. To be specific people emerging from various different backgrounds working in the tech world. The pictures might encourage more and more companies to hire people irrespective of their race, caste, creed, gender. The jubilant photographer was seen commenting that “I created this with the hope people will take the content, digest it, tear it apart, analyse it, repurpose it, and build new things with it,”. She has dabbled with employees working at Facebook, Apple, and Google.

Let us hope that such good work is carried on in good faith. This might even be able to turn the societal stereotypes posed on to people on an everyday basis.