Top 5 Best Laptops for College Students in India

Searching for a perfect Laptops for College Students  price or a deal is within reach of every shopper now. It mainly depends on what laptop shop you are looking at. The simple this statement sounds, many people in the market do not know where to search for the deals on laptops or to get deals on netbooks. They have no idea on how to go ahead or what steps they have to take to get the best deals that exist.

Some simple and easy shopping tips or considerations can help the shoppers save money while buying the best Laptops for College Students they could ever get. Many of such tips fall under common sense. By following some common steps, you can reduce the money you pay for your laptop. With the internet, you are not restricted to the shops only in your neighborhood. The world of the internet offers ample amount of shops that have great deals for you. You can make use of the internet to search for the online stores. Google is a great thing to start from. Make use of Laptops guides available online to get the best laptop deals online without any doubt. The sites also offer special offers and this way you get the best for yourself.

Best Laptops for College Students in India

You can get best offers on the refurbished laptops as well, and in reality, the best offers are usually reserved for such refurbished machines only. At many occasions, you find a Laptops that is at a very less price, and it is because of the fact that it is refurbished. Search for the refurbished ones again online or in the shops in your locality. Just be sure that the dealer online or in your locality is reliable and legitimate. Be very careful and ask for special warranties and bills when buying a refurbished one.

Make use of the coupons

Making use of the coupons is indeed a great idea to save money when buying Laptops. Do not purchase a computer until you have found a nice coupon for it. Coupons help you save a lot by offering you a discount and offers that save on your overall amount you pay. These are the ways that you can get the best deals on laptop shops online or in your locality. All you have to do is to follow these tips thoroughly to get the finest deals.

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1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface is one of the best laptop or notebook for college students in 2017 comes with Intel 6th Gen i5 processor. It packs 4 GB DDR3 RAM and comes with 128 GB SSD storage for faster processing.

  • CPU – Intel Core i5 processor (6th Gen)
  • GPU – Integrated Graphics
  • Display – 31.242 Centimeter PixelSense Full HD Display
  • RAM – 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Storage – 128 GB SSD storage
  • OS – Windows 10 Pro

2. Acer E5-574G

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575G-57D4 is the best gaming laptop for college students comes with with 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 920MX graphics and powered by 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 6200U processor.

  • CPU – 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 6200U processor
  • GPU – Nvidia GeForce 920 2GB graphics
  • Display – 15.6 inches Full HD Display
  • Storage – 1TB 5400 rpm hard drive
  • OS – Windows 10 Pro

3. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM is powered by 7th Generation Intel Core i3-7100U processor and packs 4 GB RAM and 1TB hard drive. For gaming, it has 15.6 full HD display with LED backlit.

  • CPU – 7th Generation Intel Core i3-7100U Processor
  • GPU – Intel Integrated Graphics
  • Display – 15.6 Full HD Widescreen ComfyView LED-backlit Display
  • RAM – 4GB DDR4 Memory,
  • Storage – 1TB 5400RPM HDD
  • OS – Windows 10 Pro
  • Battery – Up to 12-hours Battery Life

4. Dell Inspiron 15-3567-PUS Laptop

Dell Inspiron 15-3567-PUS is the best laptop for college students that comes with 6th Generation Intel Core i3- 6006U processor and 4GB NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics. Also it runs Windows 10 OS and packs 15.6 HD display.

  • CPU – 6th Generation Intel Core i3- 6006U processor
  • GPU – Intel HD Graphics 520
  • Display – 15.6-inch HD (1366×768) anti-glare LED-backlit display
  • RAM – 4GB DDR4 Memory
  • Storage – 1TB 5400RPM SATA hard drive
  • OS – Windows 10 Pro
  • Others – 1 VGA, 1 HDMI out, 1 RJ-45, 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, SD card reader

5. Apple MacBook Pro MF839HN

Apple MacBook Pro MLUQ2LL/A is the best laptop for medical, science, business as it has 2.0 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM. It has 13.3-inch widescreen display, Intel Iris Graphics 540, Mac OS Sierra OS.

  • CPU – Intel Core i5 processors
  • GPU – Intel Iris Graphics 6100
  • Display – 15.6-inch HD (1366×768) anti-glare LED-backlit display
  • RAM – 8G
  • Storage – 128GB SSD
  • OS – OS X Yosemite
  • Battery – Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Others – Force Touch trackpad, Flash storage, 720p HD webcam

When you enter college, it is a completely different world with different needs. As the use of technology is encouraged at school as well, the need for laptops among students has risen sharply. When buying a laptop for college needs is the question, it is first important to know as to which model which serves your needs best. Of course, there is a huge variety when it comes to laptops, there are high priced ones, and then there are cheap models which can be had under $400. Below are some factors you can take into consideration when buying laptops for students:

Choosing the right Need

Buying Laptops for College Students involve a heavy investment which is why it is important to give it some thought and research before hitting the stores. When you are deciding how much money to spend or which model to get, think of how you will be using the laptop. If you need it just for games, music, and movies, then a cheap model can do the job well. However, if you need more power out of your device, then you will need to spend a little more. The higher the price, the better the technology your laptop will be equipped with.

Choosing a Laptop Based on Your Studies

It is certain that the way you study for every course is different. Therefore you may also need to take into account the study areas you will be using your Laptops for College Students for. If you have a subject that is some form of social studies, then you will be required to type out research papers and make PowerPoint presentations. Average laptops can be had to meet these needs for a lot of processing power is not required to run simple programs like MS Word, MS Excel or PowerPoint.

On the contrary, if your study involves graphic designing then a high-end laptop is exactly what you will need. If graphic designing is your study area, then you will need a laptop that has more than one CPU core perhaps about 3GB. In addition to this, a decent dedicated graphic card will also be required.

Other kinds of laptops include those which are used for gaming. These models can go up on the price scale depending on what kind of games you are looking to play. Games that were launched just recently require more power and high-end processors, therefore, research the market before laying your hands on a certain model.

Another thing you should keep in mind is since these are laptops for students they should be too heavy or bulky for you will be carrying these either on your arm or the shoulder. Also, do not forget to ponder a little over the size for you certainly will not require a 21-inch Laptops for College Students.

Our choice is Apple Macbook Pro because it has longer battery life and super fast processing speed.  Hope you liked this article on Top 5 best Laptops for College Students in India 2017. Comment below if you need any help.