Microsoft respectfully declines Consumer Reports’ Surface Complaints.

Recently, Microsoft has been facing quite the struggle. After declining to accept the root certificates from the Chinese Companies, it has now put a step down with the Consumer Report’s findings. According to these reports, the surface laptops have been deemed not usable. The reports have removed the tag of “recommended” from the company’s entire lineup of Surface PCs. This was done because the hardware used by Microsoft on the surface lineups seems to be less reliable than other PC brands.

A survey conducted by them revealed that 90,000 tablets and laptops were facing some kind of trouble by the end of the second year of ownership. The count was around 25 percent. But the Surface Chief Panos Panay commented on a blog post saying “firmly behind the quality and reliability of the Surface family of devices. While we respect Consumer Reports, we disagree with their findings, In the Surface team we track quality constantly, using metrics that include failure and return rates — both our predicted 1-2-year failure and actual return rates for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are significantly lower than 25 percent.”

The primary focus chosen by Panay is Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, as it is not clear to them what exactly was assessed through this survey. The data conglomerated was based on the laptops on sale between 2014-2017. Largely being on sale throughout the year of 2014. The consumer report stands firm that they will not recommend the latest Surface Laptops in the realisation of such findings on Surface Devices.

Sleep reliability, problem starting up the laptop, freezing and shutting down were some problems mentioned in the Consumer Reports. But it is still not clear whether the previous Surface Devices carried these issues or not. The report does not shed a clear light on the extent of details. But to defend the report, it was shared that there were 300 responses collected for this survey and “our data on Microsoft was well above that threshold.” Still refusing to clarify the logistics of the report like how many laptops were included, how many were tablets. What was the total count? What proportion was from the older batch etc.

But the twist comes in when Microsoft argued the reports by saying that their Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book rank still doesn’t fail to rank high, based on the customer’s satisfaction. This was incorporated in commissioned research from IPSOS. But this doesn’t make any effect on the Consumer Reports. There isn’t a specific tangent or hardware/software that Microsoft needs to focus on to aid the reports.